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I Can’t Adult….At least not now!

Dear friends, let’s talk about age. Specifically, the timelines and milestones the society engraves on us. Over the course of my life, I have been made to believe that certain things have to happen at certain preordained time. Talk about graduating at 22, being married with kids by 25 and achieving your dream job by 30. For ladies, they grow up dreaming about the big day, the white strapless wedding dress, the beautiful, blossoming bouquet, her face shining with excitement as she throws the flowers above the crowd of ladies (all ready for the catch) and, of course, the person at the end of the aisle. Women grow up with this fairytale, and as they get older this utopian dream turns sour because of societal pressure.

Here is the catch, there are no deadlines in this life. They have painted life like a fridge full of food. If the food is not consumed on time, it expires and thrown away. I tell you what, you can never expire.  So don’t be quick to skip the stages of life, all for the over-glorified concept of growing up. Don’t rush it and end up becoming a kid trapped in an adult’s body.  For all I know, life is about the little things that makes us happy. So respect the kid in me. Don’t rush me out of my parents’ home.

When I seem not to care about tomorrow and just enjoying the moment, well that’s the kid in me, respect it! When I sing along, loudly, to music like I don’t care, don’t be offended, respect that kid in me! When I believe that everybody is nice and the world is a great place, you have to respect that kid in me. When I sneak in naps during the day, well a baby has to sleep respect that! If I always seem to eat any junk food I can lay my eyes on, don’t call me ignorant, the kid doesn’t care if he is fat, respect that!

Let me enjoy this moment. Let me hang out with friends, watch movies, play video games with them. Let me make mistakes and learn from them. Let me love people without judging them. Keep your future-focused mentality with yourself. Shift to your fast lane. Don’t make me carry the weight of the world. Don’t pressure me with your deadlines and boring routines. When I say no, don’t make me look unambitious. I am just not interested. For all I know, very soon I will be older, successful and stuck in a suit, wondering and regretting why I rushed my life, why I was so eager to grow up.

This society has caused depression and anxiety through its pressure. People are taking their own lives because of the societal pressures. So don’t dare tell me what people of my age are doing and accomplishing. Allow me enjoy this breathtaking adventure called life. it’s not a race and so speed does not matter. It is an awesome ride, and I need to relish it.  I still have 60 years to adult. Let me walk, you run.

4 Responses
  • Matthew kabethi
    December 24, 2018

    Yeah why rush to adult should be taken under it’s own pace..i love it

  • Billy Osogo
    December 25, 2018

    This is such a beautiful, timely and well written piece of work?

    New favourite quote: “Don’t rush the kid in me.”- Babito Dishon??

    While we are at it, Merry Christmas, Brother!

  • Joan Rotich
    December 25, 2018

    Wow awesome piece Babito

  • Abigail wambui
    February 17, 2019

    I have 60 years to adulthood. Let me walk, you run.
    True enough, we do things in life while thinking of the deadlines put by fellow men. We think we don’t measure up when we don’t beat the deadlines.
    Wonderful insight Babito. New life perspective

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