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Why are girls so beautiful?

I have been trusting God in prayer for a while now. A prayer of supplication. Covid-19 never knocked on our doors. Instead, it unwelcomely invited itself into our living rooms. Most of my neighbors were not about to put up with a rude visitor and hence they canceled or put off whatever brought them to the city, picked whatever they could and moved back to where their grandfathers married many wives.

It was sad to see them move but I won’t lie, it was finally a chance for me to seek God and discuss the desires of my heart. Beautiful neighbors of the other gender! That was the main desire in my heart. I do believe and know that I have been called to women ministry, to reach out to beautiful ladies and bring them to Christ…or so I think.

God knows this and he does hear and answer prayers. His answer? A Maasai man and a happily married couple. He found them worthy and good enough to be my neighbors. I have never seen the Maasai man since he moved in here and I can’t just trust a mysterious man.

What if he is a CIA agent or KGB operative spying on me or even worse running a secret dark site inside there? Was he even a Maasai or was he just in deep cover? Forgive me but I had to install secret cameras around my apartment with fully equipped motion sensors.

Opposite my apartment, the married couple brought with them a faulty baby who I think doesn’t have silence drivers in his software. I don’t mind crying babies in fact, I love babies. But can they at least have some rhythm and melody in their whining? This wasn’t my desire.

I know God has one and only begotten son, but then I am also His child. That’s why four weeks ago, He distracted me from the desires of my heart and introduced me to an incredibly fascinating bunch of enterprising youngins as part of the Global Leadership Summit Kenya (GLS) 2020 secretariat.

I met Lady Ambrosia. She has this rare pretty smile that gently invites your eyes to watch it and it transcends deep into the boundaries of your soul. Like a spring flower, her face opens up and lights up with just the right touch of shyness and warmness. She was my sole motivation and alarm in waking up at 4 A.m every morning for the four weeks just to experience her rays of sunshine. And now, I want to meet her parents.

Then there is Princess Starlet. Does she even know she is a princess? Well, how is she supposed to know she is one when she has been one her entire life. Inventor Thomas Edison’s last words were before he died, ‘It is very beautiful there’ . Nobody knows where ‘there’ is, but I now believe its somewhere inside Princess Starlet’s heart and soul. Her bounteous nature is still holding me captive. I am still being held in the prisons of her warmth and magnanimity.

And then there miss Miss Magnolia. If she was a book she’d definitely be unputdownable. She elevated me with her presence and even when she was silent, it felt comfortable. Her words are golden and unique.  She is a beautiful recipe for darling. And now I can’t stop fantasizing about a road trip with her to the far lands or just anywhere.

We will be talking about everything and anything; politics, dragons, fantastical creatures, Butterflies, Liverpool, religions, Greek mythologies. And when we get tired we will blast the car speakers with the songs on the radio, from Ellie Goulding’s burn to Suzzana Owiyo’s Kisumu 100. We wouldn’t even mind listening to Bob Marley’s Three little birds or Merimela Kipenzi by Sudi Boy. It is sad I have grown old enough to know this will actually never happen. But it was worth a fantasy.

And as the writer of Hebrews in the Bible would say in Chapter 11:32 of the book, time also fails me to tell you about the other unbelievably intriguing Homo sapiens I met. I was privileged to meet great gentlemen of God for whom Christ died. Christ is their light and salvation and hence they wouldn’t mind my toxic masculinity overlooking them in this passage. Instead, they will patiently wait for Christ and ‘Cinema ya binguni’ for their amazing stories and great personalities to be shared and not my blog which I pay for with my own money.

P.S. I have taken several glasses of water while writing this article. Drinks do really bring back memories.

11 Responses
  • MO
    September 20, 2020

    You are a creative great writer??

    • Esther Moraa
      September 22, 2020

      Read this!!! Quite fascinating…. And I’ve enjoyed it every bit of the way. This is really Beautiful

    • Okanda Stephen Eugine
      September 23, 2020

      Intriguing write up. I can feel every beat

  • Prof.Elias
    September 20, 2020

    Wonderful expressive babithoughts .I love how you have fully expressed everything.Looking forward also to see that choosen one for You?.Insightful and have learned to appreciate, Acknowledge the opposite Gender.They are Beautiful and Amazing Creatures.

  • Ednah Samba
    September 20, 2020

    Your diction is a tour guide. Great piece Babi

    • Chess Estelle
      September 22, 2020

      Ooohhh my Gooood!!!!!!!
      You guys loooook sooooooo goooooood!!!!!!! ????
      Oh wow!!!

  • Martin
    September 20, 2020

    Nice article

  • Sergon
    September 20, 2020


    • Carol
      September 22, 2020

      Now this is more like it, I love the way your mind wanders all over?
      It’s an awesome piece

  • Erick
    September 22, 2020

    Bro, your articles are something else man!

  • Rick
    September 22, 2020

    I started by clearing a few non cliches in my humble dictionary, but then I made a finding… it’s a unique world of thoughts with real life stories.

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